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There Are Ghosts In These Machines

There Are Ghosts In These Machines by The Narrows   (April 1, 2012)

The Narrows describe themselves as Futuristic/Electro/Guilt Pop, and they earn that description with the release of There Are Ghosts In These Machines. It’s a very cold sounding song; chilling, mechanical, like cracking open a watch and listening to its insides. It’s that dark feel that gives the listener an unnerving compulsion to continue listening.



Jigsaw by MyM   (December 25, 2011)

Splitting an untamed vibration with a mournful side, MyM’s Jigsaw has its more memorable moments in the upbeat tracks that make your head bounce too fast for comfort.  With bold vocal inclinations and an uninhibited sense of melodic adventure MyM delivers truly delightful tracks.


idiom (i​-​iii)

idiom (i-iii) by OH’Acre   (March 11, 2011)

It’s hard to look at a project like idiom (i-iii) without making at least a vague connection to Reznor’s Ghosts album.  However, Oh’Acre’s eighteen track adventure takes the daring turn toward pop that Trent so stridently avoided.  Comparisons aside, idiom (i-iii) stands on it’s own, a noble album set to tell an auditory tale.

Big Boss

aves 2

aves 2 by aves   (November 11, 2011) *

Boombox-Owl stares into your soul. (Not unlike Conan or this lemon.) I’ll admit, it was the cover art that initially caught my eye. But those delightfully weird beats kept me coming back for more. My personal favorite is ‘Terrormin’, a funkified pastiche of Holy Fuck/LCD Soundsystem/Ratatat etc.  Also, I’m not on drugs at the moment, so perhaps aves’ true genius is yet to be seen.