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Hi Lo

Hi Lo by Tito Ramsey   (January 10, 2012) 

‘It Takes Control’ comes on frantically, swinging swords and pointing fingers, as it looks for a tangible resolution within its vastly mixed audio palette.  Tito Ramsey’s latest EP, Hi Lo, combines charming indie rock progressions with more experimental stanza structures, dotting melodies through an ebbing audio environment that lathers up the brain (if you want it to).  If not, you’re on your own.  Lately, I’ve been enjoying Portlandia, so it only seems natural to take a Seattle-loving, defensive stance.



Echo Tongues

Echo Tongues EP by Echo Tongues   (April 4, 2011) *

Echo Tongues is sleep-walk music if I’ve ever heard it; similar in feel to that reoccurring dream you have where you’re too disoriented to accomplish anything.  ‘False Start’ seems to be the best place to capsulize the band.  I can’t help how much I love the hook.  The track is extremely satisfying in the softest, most delicate way.