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There Are Ghosts In These Machines

There Are Ghosts In These Machines by The Narrows   (April 1, 2012)

The Narrows describe themselves as Futuristic/Electro/Guilt Pop, and they earn that description with the release of There Are Ghosts In These Machines. It’s a very cold sounding song; chilling, mechanical, like cracking open a watch and listening to its insides. It’s that dark feel that gives the listener an unnerving compulsion to continue listening.


A Stone’s Throw Away From A Rock Fight

A Stone’s Throw Away From A Rock Fight by Living Commontree   (August 25, 2011)

A Stone’s Throw‘s title track leads the EP, admitting extreme math rock focus immediately.  ‘Clarity’ defines the production quality with a warmer sound and ‘Suffocate’ demonstrates that even in math rock, there is a very human feeling to strive for.

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