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Hi Lo

Hi Lo by Tito Ramsey   (January 10, 2012) 

‘It Takes Control’ comes on frantically, swinging swords and pointing fingers, as it looks for a tangible resolution within its vastly mixed audio palette.  Tito Ramsey’s latest EP, Hi Lo, combines charming indie rock progressions with more experimental stanza structures, dotting melodies through an ebbing audio environment that lathers up the brain (if you want it to).  If not, you’re on your own.  Lately, I’ve been enjoying Portlandia, so it only seems natural to take a Seattle-loving, defensive stance.



Tetrachrome EP

Tetrachrome EP by Sigmafly   (November 27, 2011)

Where The Primer was more of a club jam, the latest release from Cut is an electronic ambience piece.  Littered with recognizable melodies and faint beats, we get the same aesthetic we’ve grown to adore with a more subtle, artistic approach.  In the end, I still think Cut is all the work of artist DFRNT, assuming different pen names for his own diabolical reasons.

Big Boss


#DapperCads by Dapper Cads   (November 22, 2011)

New York based Dapper Cads release their debut EP highlighting their sharp electronic pop impersonation.  Like Miike Snow’s love child with Chromeo, there’s just enough funk to make this electro-pop really shine.  Above all, the Dapper Cads EP makes me want to dance, and I’m not one for dancing.


Crossing Colors EP (Best New Music)

Crossing Colors EP by Il abanico   (February 17, 2011) *

Originally from Columbia and now residing in LA, Il abanico has an interesting take on experimental pop.  Completely free in expression, Ronderos is just as daring with her vocals as the rest of the band is, allowing for a strict cohesion that rarely takes vocal form (think Mars Volta).  There’s beautiful repetition (think Alpinisms) there’s spiraling guitar lines (think the Notwist) and above all else, a great sense of satisfaction (think Into the Blue Again).  Crossing Colors pleasantly integrates the Columbian influence while remaining completely relatable to the mainstream.  It manages to adapt, as if each song is a scene.  There are special moments to be found in each track, demonstrating experimental conviction and creative thirst.


Sky Decisions EP (Best New Music)

Sky Decisions EP by Andrea   (November 14, 2011) *

A few weeks ago we wrote a short piece about Parisian producer Andrea, we told you it was dope and we’re back to tell you we told you so.  Andrea “drops” his first fully flushed EP, a work of midi, electronic beauty; a thing of sparse-sampling bliss.  Never feeling too forced, this young producer sits happily in his own dynamic pockets, infusing them straight to your headphones.  He knows how to throw a bass down and back up and he knows how to sculpt the perfect atmospheric buzz; what more do you want?


The Primer EP

The Primer EP by Thefft   (November 2, 2011)

Although not the strongest Cut release in my personal opinion, The Primer is a strong offering that will appeal to the club more than the car.  Wandering dub, the Cut aesthetic stamp, is not an easy genre to tastefully and prolifically release in.  The challenge for most dub music is overcoming the false, limited creative mobility created by the raver scene.  But DFRNT (Alex Cowles), lead curator at Cut, I believe, would argue that there is unlimited artistic potential within the niche.

Big Boss

Beforetime EP (Best New Music)

Beforetime EP by Tim Fitz   (October 21, 2011) *

Tim Fitz’ latest October release, Beforetime, is a complex work of interweaving guitar, piano and percussion lines that (although unrecognizable at first) unwind to reveal a beautifully patterned EP.  What’s more amazing, is that the kid’s doing this all on his own.  No band, just loop pedal.  Not afraid to use some traditionally pop melodies and dynamics, Beforetime bridges the canyon between intricate indie and pop in the same way Bird of Stevens do.  The album is a ride, the whole way through providing solid ups and even more solid ups, track after track.  And unlike so many today, Fitz isn’t afraid to take a solo.