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The Snake (January 2012)

With the new year, comes a new set of digital singles from The Snake.  The tracks all range in genre and boast diverse geographic origins.  Briefly, I would like to take the time, now, to present January’s collection.  Everyone at The Snake would like to extend a warm thank you to the artists involved and to the readers.


Walk in the Park

‘Walk in the Park’ by Carroll   (December 9, 2011) *

Lately, one of our favorite locals, Gabe Wax has been perfecting his craft with a series of covers, the most recent of which is ‘Walk in the Park’, a Beach House song.  In my opinion it’s better than the original.


EP (Best New Music)

EP by Carroll   (October 11, 2011) *

“I’m just like jigga, but I’m white, so now my album’s blue” – I think that quoting that line should be enough, but in case it’s not:  Carroll is, oh God I hate this word, singing with the swag that Oddfuture desperately tries to emulate.  It’s that old-time swagger, that I’ve been around the block, kind of swagger.  You know what else?  It’s free.  Everything about this untitled EP shines in a way that I didn’t think music could anymore.  Both Roger Kleinman and Gabe Wax get a virtual handshake.

Big Boss