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Adam Pruss: Beyond Faded

Originally, this track was titled ‘Infinity Soldier’

While passing from poorly lit hallway to poorly lit loft, a bong is thrust into my hand before “hello” even crosses my mind. I’ve entered into the cave that is the mind of Adam Pruss (Flowers for Reagan), into a world that I’ve accepted is beyond my comprehension, a world where my ear drums will surely be assaulted, a world where holding on is your best bet.  

Before Gold Panda, before Four Tet, before the extreme rise in popularity that the soft-core-drone scene saw, there was but one native New Yorker writing the earliest pages of the genre’s history.  Flowers for Reagan, pre-reinvention, put forth Reaganomics in 2007, an album that was simply too far ahead of its time.  It existed only in CD format, and as a limited run, but more interestingly, some of the tracks have been hidden within one of the latest FFR releases.  These days, Pruss can be found making far less stable music under the Flowers name.  In fact, to most locals, the name immediately elicits thoughts of complete audio chaos.  However, there is some sort of solace in his early work, as if to suggest that Pruss has already been where we are, has already become more numb that the most jaded city soul and is on to the next one.



The Snake (January 2012)

With the new year, comes a new set of digital singles from The Snake.  The tracks all range in genre and boast diverse geographic origins.  Briefly, I would like to take the time, now, to present January’s collection.  Everyone at The Snake would like to extend a warm thank you to the artists involved and to the readers.

Big Blue Dreams and Salty Stories

Big Blue Dreams and Salty Stories by Giant Octopus   (January 4, 2012) *

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that anything Oliver Ignatius touches, or puts his golden voice onto, will be worth hearing, and probably won’t get out of your head for days. The first full-length Giant Octopus LP, Big Blue Dreams and Salty Stories, is no exception. Like every Mama Coco’s release the melodies are at the forefront and often unforgettable (and Ignatius’ angelic harmonies sneak up and highlight frontman Miguel Horowitz’s woozy voice.) Like early Pink Floyd lost at sea, Giant Octopus rocks steady, with flashes of weirdness.

Junior Panther

Ghost Pal One & Two (Best New Reissue)

Ghost Pal One & Two by Ghost Pal   (January 10, 2012) *

Until this morning, it was just a rumor floating around the Brooklyn underground.  But indeed, Ghost Pal has pulled every release and compiled all their singles into a two volume, free collection, available on their bandcamp.  Now, like some military history infomercial, you, yes you, can own the entire GP anthology.


Sour Mash Holiday

We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday festivities and we wish the best to everyone in the coming year.  This past week, we helped support a show curated by The Sour Mash Blog over at Brooklyn DIY venue, Big Snow.  The line up consisted of:  Pilots in Orbit, People in Charge, The Beach Arabs, Spook Houses, Shapes and Ritz Riot.  Photographed by Mavy Entertainment, Dingus presents some images from the show:

Ghost Teen

‘Ghost Teen’ by Ghost Pal   (December 25, 2011)

You havn’t heard music like Ghost Pal’s in a while, because music like Ghost Pal’s hasn’t existed in a while.  Truly lush in instrumentation, Oliver Ignatius and his crew of brilliant musicians have been working tirelessly in their studio to produce the first official LP release from the band.  This sneak peak at their doings reinforces everything we’ve come to know and love about the group, boasting a wide range of players, ‘Ghost Teen’ is not only an introduction, but an indoctrination.


Mona Lisa Apple Experiments

Mona Lisa Apple Experiments by Grandpa was a Lion   (December 4, 2011) *

For the last few months we’ve been following Brooklyn DIY group, Grandpa was a Lion.  Now, more refined than ever, we are presented with a startling two track that combines the ever-lonesome folk acoustics we became familiar with early on with the more symphonic gestures of their following singles (which seem to have been compiled).  Without using a single gimmick, Mona Lisa Apple Experiments, captures the very essence of soothing symphonic maturation.