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The Snake (January 2012)

With the new year, comes a new set of digital singles from The Snake.  The tracks all range in genre and boast diverse geographic origins.  Briefly, I would like to take the time, now, to present January’s collection.  Everyone at The Snake would like to extend a warm thank you to the artists involved and to the readers.


Fuck Everything I’m God (Best New Music)

Fuck Everything I’m God by Air Tycoon   (December 4, 2011) *

Fuck Everything I’m God somehow slipped through our fingers.  Now, falling on our fumble, Dingus cares to bring you, as part of our Best New Music section, Air Tycoons debut LP.  With an irresistible aesthetic, F.E.I.G. caters some of the most powerful drops in the electronic world without breaking a sweat.  If there was ever a formula for audio bliss, this Illinois native has it mastered with nostalgic, digital youth.

Big Boss 

I’m Stoned (Sunday’s Best)

‘I’m Stoned’ by Air Tycoon   (August 13, 2011)

This song kicks ass.

Big Boss

I’m Stoned/Living EP (Best New Music)

I’m Stoned/Living EP by Air Tycoon   (August 13, 2011)

When your bandcamp starts off with “FUCK EVERYTHING IM GOD” you set the bar high.  When the first track off your EP is titled ‘I’m Stoned’ you set the bar even higher.  And finally, at least for me, when you start your song hitting only the last two notes of the measure expecting me to be impressed, you set the bar nearly as high as it can go.  If you’re drop doesn’t fucking kill it, I’m hitting the back button.  But Air Tycoon throws down in the kind of way that makes a producer want to throw his hands in the air displaying a large grin over his crowd because thats just how fucking pleased he is with is drop.  That singular moment is Air Tycoon in a nutshell because they/he/she doesn’t need to be any more creative, any more avant-garde or any more ‘intelligent’ than that.  They just need to make you move.

Big Boss