What is Dingus?

Dingus is an international, multi-genre music blog based out of Brooklyn.

Your readers?

Are a dedicated bunch.  An international group of people that understand the unlimited exposure and options offered by the internet allow our musical opinions to be as diverse as our personalities.

How do I get my music on Dingus?

We welcome any and all submissions, but only cover musicians who fall under the DIY category.  Simply email a link with your music to Thomas (mirandaonmusic at gmail dot com).   If you want your music on Dingus, you’ll email us personally.  If you don’t have a soundcloud or bandcamp, we can’t stream your music and probably wont cover it, sorry.

(Despite our parents best efforts, we don’t speak any language other than English, please tailor your press releases accordingly.)

Where does your content come from?

Beyond whats submitted, Dingus employs good old fashion detective work to scour Bandcamp, Soundcloud and similar sites to find the most unheard of modern musicians.  The content is all 100% original, never re-blogged, never re-written.

Do you ever cover non-musician artists?

Occasionally, if we see a project that embodies our ideals, we can’t help ourselves.  We will take submissions from all artistic endeavors.

Computer speakers?

If you’re not listening to this on good headphones, you’re not listening to the same blog as us.  Bose will do…

Should music be sold?

No (not for money at least) and here’s why:  You’re a small time band/producer. You give your music away for free, I download it and if I like it, you have a fan.  I come to your shows, I buy your t-shirt and I spread your love.  On the other hand:  You charge, I think your music is great, but I’m broke and I hear a lot of great music.  I listen to it once, smile and then forget about it, I move on and that’s the end of our relationship.

Selling an mp3 is like selling a deskjet print of the Mona Lisa.  Sell me your vinyl, sell me your merch, sell me your live performances.  That, I will pay for.  Don’t charge me for wanting to get to know you.

Do you offer any other services?

We offer our services as music curators for shows of all kinds.  We’ve worked with corporate groups like Sephora as well as underground organizations like the Meme Movement.  Contact Yvonne (yvonneonmusic at gmail dot com) if you’d like to speak  to us about our curitorial services or if you’d like to get in touch with any of the artists featured on our blog.  If you’d like us to come to your show, photograph it and possibly make a post, email Thomas (mirandaonmusic at gmail dot com)