The Young Obese

The Young Obese by Gorgeous Bully   (February 20, 2012)

Although the audio quality could be demanding for some, for us, it’s just another sign of the love put into the music’s creation. But where Gorgeous Bully pulls the damn thing off is in their harsh, slap-happy approach to songwriting.  Working within some of the most iconic punk pop structures, The Young Obese is a revelation, completely disassociated from the rock movement of the early 2000’s.  Check out the entire Art is Hard catalog.



Miles Apart

Miles Apart by Existance   (January 5, 2012)

In keeping with the Cut Music legacy, Existance delivers this three track electronica slow dance that stretches itself from a Zero7 re-work through instrumental slides.  As the label has become known for, Miles Apart pays careful attention to the spacing and the punctuation of the music, which forces the stanzas to battle for domination.

Big Boss

The Hill and Wood

The Hill and Wood by The Hill and Wood   (November 11, 2011) *

We can think of more than a few musicians who claimed their albums would be a mix tape showcasing the breadth of their style, but we can hardly think of any that actually delivered.  Without feeling forced or awkward, The Hill and Wood’s self-titled EP showcases not only the band’s technical skill and talent, but also their fearlessness to employ it in creative ways throughout the record.

From the first track to the last, The Hill and Wood leads the listener through a sometimes folky, sometimes rock and roll, ceaselessly melodic journey. The album moves naturally, but carefully, going slowly one minute and fast the next – a smart move that makes the album virtually indispensible for the folk-rock fan.

Honey Baby


diplodocus by claire magdalena   (January 11, 2012) *

In the circular, transgressive sound of Youth Lagoon, Claire Magdalena puts forth one of the most honest bedroom recordings around.  Captured home sounds, tweaked to fit audio perfection, gently guide the five tracks as they slowly unfold.  Diplodocus has its disorganized moments, which can be abrasive, but the tracks resolve within themselves.


Du soleil refroidi

Du soleil refroidi by Death Mercedes   (October 10, 2011)

Parisian punk group, Death Mercedes, passes every hardcore landmark in stride, putting a new face on the word “aggressive”.  Maintaining a certain level of lyrical elegance, Du Soleil Refroidi has a theatrical undertone that is constantly being dominated by voilent outbursts.

Big Boss

Fuck Everything I’m God (Best New Music)

Fuck Everything I’m God by Air Tycoon   (December 4, 2011) *

Fuck Everything I’m God somehow slipped through our fingers.  Now, falling on our fumble, Dingus cares to bring you, as part of our Best New Music section, Air Tycoons debut LP.  With an irresistible aesthetic, F.E.I.G. caters some of the most powerful drops in the electronic world without breaking a sweat.  If there was ever a formula for audio bliss, this Illinois native has it mastered with nostalgic, digital youth.

Big Boss 

Big Blue Dreams and Salty Stories

Big Blue Dreams and Salty Stories by Giant Octopus   (January 4, 2012) *

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that anything Oliver Ignatius touches, or puts his golden voice onto, will be worth hearing, and probably won’t get out of your head for days. The first full-length Giant Octopus LP, Big Blue Dreams and Salty Stories, is no exception. Like every Mama Coco’s release the melodies are at the forefront and often unforgettable (and Ignatius’ angelic harmonies sneak up and highlight frontman Miguel Horowitz’s woozy voice.) Like early Pink Floyd lost at sea, Giant Octopus rocks steady, with flashes of weirdness.

Junior Panther