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diplodocus by claire magdalena   (January 11, 2012) *

In the circular, transgressive sound of Youth Lagoon, Claire Magdalena puts forth one of the most honest bedroom recordings around.  Captured home sounds, tweaked to fit audio perfection, gently guide the five tracks as they slowly unfold.  Diplodocus has its disorganized moments, which can be abrasive, but the tracks resolve within themselves.



Ghost Pal One & Two (Best New Reissue)

Ghost Pal One & Two by Ghost Pal   (January 10, 2012) *

Until this morning, it was just a rumor floating around the Brooklyn underground.  But indeed, Ghost Pal has pulled every release and compiled all their singles into a two volume, free collection, available on their bandcamp.  Now, like some military history infomercial, you, yes you, can own the entire GP anthology.


We’ll Never Be Alone

We’ll Never Be Alone by One Desire   (January 8, 2012) *

While 5 Songs for No One played like a mixed bag of emotion, We’ll Never Be Alone offers a cohessive statement on emotional integrity.  Patiently contained until the proper explosive moment, One Desire has, possibly without knowing, made the step from catchy (beat up) pop writing to conceptual fluidity.  Standing in defense of the acoustic scene, the album shows strength in vulnerability and a perseverance that inspires.


Laconic (Best New Music)

Laconic by Basic Printer   (January 6, 2012) *

As predicted, Laconic is a departure from lessons of the early Printer.  It is the maturation and dedication to craft that we’ve been waiting, so long for, from Gillenwalters.  Unmistakably one of the most challenging, provocative albums to ever grace the Dingus front page, refraining AnCo type spacing, mixing Black Moth synth aesthetics and blooming a completely new brand, Basic Printer has reached a peak.  Hopefully, not the peak.  It’s completely unafraid to let long droning moments play until infinity, it’s completely unconcerned with fitting any pop stereotypes that will ever get radio play.  It is a perfect 10.  Pitchfork, take notice.


Ode to a Sapsucker (Ft. Taylor DeBoer)

‘Ode to a Sapsucker (Ft. Taylor Deboer)’ by Jerard Fagerberg   (January 7, 2012) *

Officially, this will be the first piece of poetry that we feature on Dingus.  I could call it spoken word, I could compare it to far less serious things, but in reality, ‘Ode to a Sapsucker’ is one of the most well read, well spoken and profoundly inspiring spoken verses I’ve ever heard, and to compare it to anything would be unjust.  Written and produced by three young travelers in Thailand, the track might not resonate on a traditional musical level, but for every writing major reading this, enjoy.  Trust me, there isn’t anything like taking a shit on someone else’s politics.



Whippersnapper by Mondrian   (May 1, 2011) *

Pulling a more reserved style of electronic-pop than your extremists like Miike Snow, Mondrian comes close to reminding me of Knickerbocker glory.  With a steady pulse, Whippersnapper is wholesome and loveable.  If there was ever a demand for catchy music, let this three track EP cure it.


Singles (Best New Music)

Singles by Sporting Life   (September 22, 2011) *

Singles by Sporting Life is just that, eight potent singles, each one better than the last, driving home a truthful rock agenda that does not quit.  Ranging in intensity, Sporting Life has mastered their sound, and it’s a beautiful thing to behold.  Easily one of the best free downloads of 2011, Singles sets an immediately invasive standard that will be hard to top in the coming year.