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The Snake (January 2012)

With the new year, comes a new set of digital singles from The Snake.  The tracks all range in genre and boast diverse geographic origins.  Briefly, I would like to take the time, now, to present January’s collection.  Everyone at The Snake would like to extend a warm thank you to the artists involved and to the readers.


Fuck Everything I’m God (Best New Music)

Fuck Everything I’m God by Air Tycoon   (December 4, 2011) *

Fuck Everything I’m God somehow slipped through our fingers.  Now, falling on our fumble, Dingus cares to bring you, as part of our Best New Music section, Air Tycoons debut LP.  With an irresistible aesthetic, F.E.I.G. caters some of the most powerful drops in the electronic world without breaking a sweat.  If there was ever a formula for audio bliss, this Illinois native has it mastered with nostalgic, digital youth.

Big Boss 

Ghost Pal One & Two (Best New Reissue)

Ghost Pal One & Two by Ghost Pal   (January 10, 2012) *

Until this morning, it was just a rumor floating around the Brooklyn underground.  But indeed, Ghost Pal has pulled every release and compiled all their singles into a two volume, free collection, available on their bandcamp.  Now, like some military history infomercial, you, yes you, can own the entire GP anthology.


Laconic (Best New Music)

Laconic by Basic Printer   (January 6, 2012) *

As predicted, Laconic is a departure from lessons of the early Printer.  It is the maturation and dedication to craft that we’ve been waiting, so long for, from Gillenwalters.  Unmistakably one of the most challenging, provocative albums to ever grace the Dingus front page, refraining AnCo type spacing, mixing Black Moth synth aesthetics and blooming a completely new brand, Basic Printer has reached a peak.  Hopefully, not the peak.  It’s completely unafraid to let long droning moments play until infinity, it’s completely unconcerned with fitting any pop stereotypes that will ever get radio play.  It is a perfect 10.  Pitchfork, take notice.


Singles (Best New Music)

Singles by Sporting Life   (September 22, 2011) *

Singles by Sporting Life is just that, eight potent singles, each one better than the last, driving home a truthful rock agenda that does not quit.  Ranging in intensity, Sporting Life has mastered their sound, and it’s a beautiful thing to behold.  Easily one of the best free downloads of 2011, Singles sets an immediately invasive standard that will be hard to top in the coming year.


Soulbound V.5

Soulbound Volume Five by Various Artists   (December 30, 2011) *

Well, well, well.  It’s 2012 and if it’s the end of the world, we’d like to bring you at least twelve more action packed compilation albums highlighting the worlds best DIY frontier.  Soulbound Volume Five, our December collection, introduces new acts like Tours, Carroll and Sidechained Lovers that are sure to make it onto your daily play list.  So, get pumped, because there’s nothing more enjoyable than a Tuesday afternoon, sitting back at your desk job, after a long vacation.  Breathe deep.

On a side note, our writers have been enjoying their vacation as well.  Expect us all back on duty all by the end of the week!

Dingus, Yvonne, Big Boss, Solidus, Dandelions, Junior Panther, Honey Baby

Dingus’ Top Ten (2011)

10/  June Kids by Parsha   (Great Britain)

Thumping in from across the Atlantic, dub producer Parsha, knows the key isn’t his intensity, but rather his ability to restrain all that power for the final release.  Featuring a tightly knit re-fix of an already spectacular Crystal Castles track, June Kids slides in at number ten.

9/  Houses by Holland Creek   (Montreal)

Generously donated for public consumption, Houses by Holland Creek attacks formal melody at its heart; layering varying lyrics, sometimes with delicate whispers and other times with forceful assaults.  Once inside, the instrumentation opens up, patiently plotting entrances and exists to spark emotional gratification.

8/  Sisters by Seabiscuit   (Sweden)

Seabiscuit is derivative while still complimentary.  Taking contemporary styles of electronica that extend far beyond a simple dance beat, Sisters takes the likes of Radiohead, Massive Attack or Portishead one step further in their debut release.  ‘Psychic Secret’ may be the only track that even slightly resembles the pop manifesto.  Be ready for a challenge.

7/  Beforetime by Tim Fitz   (Sydney)

Before slowing down and setting a dance standard unheard of since black and white cinematography, Tim Fitz’ October release steps up to the high dive and takes a large leap of faith.  Bending genres together, Beforetime is as lush as any five star acoustic endeavor while stopping to re-introduce the genre to the growing technology.

6/  Stay by Tours   (Philadelphia)

Stay is four gold plated tracks to remind you of Gold Panda in a time when nothing else really seems to live up electronically.  Innovation exists, even within the most basic dance jams, twisting in the most contemporary sample slicing styles.  Recently released with The Snake, Tours has barely made his introduction.

5/  Nittiotremo by Fucking Werewolf Asso (Sweden)

Unrelenting and unforgiving, Fucking Werewolf Asso puts a bitter taste in your mouth, landing some of the most melodic breakdowns among scattered paranoia.  Nittiotremo is five perfect tracks that elaborate within themselves like an interspecies orgy.

4/  Linden Place by Mars Argo  (Chicago)

Sugarcoated- is the first word that jumps to mind when thinking of the Chicago based internet spectacle, Mars Argo.  Comprised of Mars, herself, and cohort Titanic Sinclaire, the duo and their band put an inspiring twist on old school pop, jolting it back into the modern market.

3/  Lillian: A Folk Opera by Ben Lear   (Brooklyn)

Ben Lear’s Folk Opera has been making its mark on the city with symphonic standards on par with Andrew Bird at his best.  With a beautiful, overarching sentiment, Lillian develops dramatically and emphatically with comforting warmth and joyous release.

2/  Just Kids by Just Kids   (New York City)

Just Kids not only pulls at my heartstrings for the lo-end DIY qualities that I love, they also happen to write some of the most charmingly and honest melodies.  These melodies bring the modest, but enlightened guitar rhythms to life in a way that’s never been felt before.  In a music world where every soft singing, pretty woman gets a shot at a record, Just Kids does justice to the consumer.

1/  One Body by Sons of an Illustrious Father  (New York City)

Like an unresponsive corpse suddenly reaching up for your throat, One Body packs all the panic of modern living into one, beautifully recorded LP to define a DIY generation.  Working with legendary Brooklyn studio, Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen, to get that palpable Ignatius flavor, Sons of an Illustrious Father present the most thoughtful album of the year.