Anatomy Magazine

The world of online webzines is so full of trash, it makes picking up a copy of Rolling Stone seem like a reasonable thing to do.  But, one in particular stands out, Anatomy Magazine.  The zine features fashion, music and every other type of art or pseudo art out there and is completely open to anything inspiring.  If the growing trend in internet zines is a touch of personal taste and curation, offering a more encompassing, meaningful connection between author and reader, I’m in.  Without sacrificing literary standards, these zines, although non-existent in the physical realm, have just as much consumer-potential as any 50 thousand dollar, printed start up with an office and full staff-  in fact, the very fact that these zines are written by the honest, hardworking artists among us (rather than business professionals) offers a newfound level of purity.  It’s been confirmed that the girls at the Sour Mash blog are working on one of their own.



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