Basic Printer: Wallowing in the Afterbirth

Back last June, when Dingus officially went 100% DIY, Basic Printer was one of the original acts to get in touch.  At the time, it all seemed exciting, a musician actually wanted to talk to us.  Well, now here we are today, 6 months and nearly 800 posts later.  If you’re counting in Printer years, we’re a full 2 albums old and now there’s been a shift.  While the first two albums (Poor Ian and Abstract Trust) seemed to fly at us with emphasis on the prolific nature of the artist (Jesse Gillenwalters – clearly inspired by the likes of Super Moth or Tobacco), recent anticipation paired with a fresh single release and some under the table demos, has us completely rethinking the artist.

Basic Printers first two formal LP’s detail an erratic electronic paranoia that rattles through off-beat, tribal structured sprints, never truly finding solace in conclusion.  Although entertaining and often innovative, the new Printer that’s been reintroduced with ‘Rosecroft Mews‘ is a more enlightened Printer.

With the recent release of his latest music video (by Dillon Utter), our predictions seem ensured.  Basic Printer has broken past the creative brainstorm that was his early career, the frantic, manic rantings, and entered into a more meditative, journey driven state.  Wallowing in the afterbirth of Poor Ian and Abstract Trust, Gillenwalters took every hard lesson learned, ever minor criticism from friend or foe and distilled it into one stoic, purposeful album, set to release this Friday.



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