Soulbound V.5

Soulbound Volume Five by Various Artists   (December 30, 2011) *

Well, well, well.  It’s 2012 and if it’s the end of the world, we’d like to bring you at least twelve more action packed compilation albums highlighting the worlds best DIY frontier.  Soulbound Volume Five, our December collection, introduces new acts like Tours, Carroll and Sidechained Lovers that are sure to make it onto your daily play list.  So, get pumped, because there’s nothing more enjoyable than a Tuesday afternoon, sitting back at your desk job, after a long vacation.  Breathe deep.

On a side note, our writers have been enjoying their vacation as well.  Expect us all back on duty all by the end of the week!

Dingus, Yvonne, Big Boss, Solidus, Dandelions, Junior Panther, Honey Baby


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