Secret Thinking

Secret Thinking by Kleenex Girl Wonder   (March 8, 2011)

One of my favorite records of 2011, Secret Thinking is the umpteenth album by the ever-prolific masters of power-pop, Kleenex Girl Wonder. For those uninitiated, KGW is lead by former boy wonder Graham Smith. Like Bobby Pollard before him, Smith was not only the head of the group but churned out epic 25-song masterpieces almost every year. But what sets Secret Thinking apart is, like Pollard’s Do The Collapse, Smith has taken the  magic formula into a real studio for a lean, mean set of tunes produced by ex-Get Him Eat Him leader Matt LeMay. The result is, as per usual, a great set of hyper-witty tunes (Smith’s lyrics are always gripping, hilarious, and often biting) that without the extra fat is a less exhausting and more consistent listen than any KGW record before it. This band’s been under the radar for nearly twenty years and it’s time you listened.

Junior Panther


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