Time (Andre Uhl Remix)

‘Time (André Uhl  Remix)’ & ‘we are save’ by André Uhl   (October 25, 2011) *

I love spacing.  I love when a song has the balls to go an extra four measures, implementing a new level of anticipation; hold it, hold it, and there’s the drop.  Today’s electronic music scene is not separated, unfortunately, by actual editing intellect (something André Uhl clearly displays) but rather by the phatness of those beats, the dexterity of your synth and the ability to trigger a sample in an orgasmic spot.  Thankfully, Andre has these all, as well.  The fact that his track pacing reflects a patience long dissolved in out society is just icing on the cake.  Like Slow Magic, but with a rougher, diy aesthetic (think Ender Belongs to Me), Uhl crafts stories, not songs.

Big Boss


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