Crossing Colors EP (Best New Music)

Crossing Colors EP by Il abanico   (February 17, 2011) *

Originally from Columbia and now residing in LA, Il abanico has an interesting take on experimental pop.  Completely free in expression, Ronderos is just as daring with her vocals as the rest of the band is, allowing for a strict cohesion that rarely takes vocal form (think Mars Volta).  There’s beautiful repetition (think Alpinisms) there’s spiraling guitar lines (think the Notwist) and above all else, a great sense of satisfaction (think Into the Blue Again).  Crossing Colors pleasantly integrates the Columbian influence while remaining completely relatable to the mainstream.  It manages to adapt, as if each song is a scene.  There are special moments to be found in each track, demonstrating experimental conviction and creative thirst.



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