Leper by Shapes   (November 11, 2011) *

Up until now, no Shapes recording had captured the raw-dog, bleeding heart emotion that frequently pours out of frontman Andrew Fanelli during a live performance.  If you’re one of the few lucky enough to have seen this NYC glam-punk outfit evolve over the last seven (is that right?) years, this three track EP is a testament to your undying support.  If this is your first introduction to the group, you couldn’t have picked a better moment to jump in.  With lines like “There is no future” or “We’re all going to hell”, you’d think that Shapes would fit right into that punk imitation sinkhole, but while Fanelli and crew may touch on some of the more common human emotions of betrayal, loss and ultimately self-worthlessness, they do so with an organic freshness that makes each jaunt a skull smashing, mind twisting, brain fuck.

Big Boss


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