∅IceჱPunk∅ by Drrty Pharms   (November 7, 2011) *

Go far enough back and Dirty Pharmaceuticals (who care’s how they’re/she’s spelling her name now) seemed like a festering cesspool that the artist periodically took a shit into (that’s not a very big exaggeration).  And now, it seem’s like Dirty Pharm has decided to clean up their act, or at least, call the guys who clean out cesspools.  One of the latest releases on their bandcamp, Ice Punk (I’m so tired of your symbols, DP) is so powerfully put together that it really reinforces my belif in a chaotic artistic state, birthing brilliance.  Re-appropriating some of the most iconic samples around in a completely deconstructavist manner and setting the beat to an early Four Tet rhythmic swing, shows DP planting their feet.

If Dirty Pharm. wants me to keep using the ridiculous symbols in their album titles and such, they better email me some proof that it’s not just completely random.  dingusonmusic at gmail dot com



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