One Body (Best New Music)

One Body by Sons of an Illustrious Father   (November 9, 2011) *

For a long time, I’ve been wondering who the girls from Sons of an Illustrious Father remind me of.  The reason it’s taken so long to drum up this comparison is because it’s being made so far out of context that I don’t really blame myself for not seeing it clearly before.  Take CocoRosie, give them a real band, a more traditional understanding of music and an Arcade Fire type of confidence (provided mostly by the male leads); you’ve got the Sons.  Their newest LP, set to release November 9th and titled One Body shows the group growing as a family.  Like some of the greatest acts of our time, the Sons strength isn’t in a catchy hook (although there are plenty), it isn’t in some mind boggling synth sound (there are none) and it certainly isn’t in some pop culture reference that makes you feel adult.  The Sons latest work, and most of their discography, is a living, breathing testament to what electronic music will NEVER do for you.  Bravo.

Look for it, November 9th on their bandcamp.



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