May 29, 2011

‘May 29, 2011’ by Dirty Dreams   (October 14, 2011)

More and more of my New York friends seem to be under the impression that the Nashville music scene can do no wrong. Unfortunately for the sake of humor in this post, Dirty Dreams is no exception.  Seriously though, guys make an album already.  The boys and girl of Music City’s Dirty Dreams sure know how to play hard to get.  With just the third online release in the several months the band has been together, ‘May 29, 2011’ manages to make me forget about all those long days and nights without a new release and take me back to a quiet beach in 1967 (wait… what?).  The band seems to be something of a bad boyfriend, not calling for weeks then reeling me back in with the catchiest, head-boppin’est song I’ve heard in months.  So, keep ‘em coming Dirty Dudes, you groovy geniuses – 3am, whatever, we’ll be waiting.

Honey Baby


One response to “May 29, 2011

  1. you guys are doin it

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