Velcro by Velcro   (August 30, 2011) *

Velcro aka “Curtis Wakeling and his lo-fi bedroom recordings” is perfect hangover music. Take, for instance, the chorus to Dreamboat: “Wake up and panic in a pool of sweat,” sung repeatedly with a perfectly nonchalant world-weariness. We’ve all been there.  In fact, all the songs on Velcro EP seem to evoke the same visceral image: that long, lonely, confused walk home after some distorted blur of a night. You assume you had fun. But then again, did you really?

On his debut EP, Velcro combines the introspective raw emotion of early Velvet Underground with the laid-back guitar sound of Real Estate, producing a rare breed of music that so aptly sums up our generation. One can only hope that Mr. Wakeling will eventually find his way home, take a few Advil, load up on fluids, and continue making beautiful music.



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