Heroischer Realismus / Amor Fati

Heroischer Realismus / Amor Fati by N.Strahl.N   (October 15, 2011)

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s German Nihilists misinterpreting Nietzsche. And while this stuff isn’t exactly life-affirming, it’s at the very least The Most Avant-Garde Thing I’ve Heard All Week. (Stay tuned for the weekly segment.)  Seeing how difficult it is to settle the old authenticity v. inauthenticity debate, I have no choice but to accept the possibility that I probably “don’t get it.” But then again, maybe meaning is now fully in the hands of the listener (See Barthes’ Death of the Author for a particularly smug articulation of this point).

In that case, the simple fact that this music had me going “What the Fuck??” might actually be a good thing. Maybe all art needs to do is force us to question reality, even if the question happens to be “Is this bullshit or what?” Somehow, I think Nietzsche might have approved.



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