r o m a n c e

r o m a n c e by tubelord   (October 10, 2011)

It’s emo-pop in all its glory, however, it’s not just any emo-pop.  Consider the dynamics of a band like Fall of Troy or The Sound of Animals Fighting.  Widly unpredictable, forever shapeshifting and stress inducing, now tame it and you’ve got r o m a n c e.  With a more even temper than some of its obvious influences, tubelord gears itself up for the defensive stance it will surely have to take against its haters.  And not many could really make a case against them, the songs are well crafted, showing us once again, that even when you help populate a genre that sells mainly to consumer-based-angst-driven teenagers, you can keep innovation close to heart.

Big Boss


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