Clement Roussel (From Home)

Parisian producer Clement Roussel talks to Dingus about his past, present and future:

Dingus: How did you get your start?

Roussel:  I began music when I was a child. Due to my father who was a pro musician, I grew up influenced by classical and jazz. I was in traditional music for a long time, then I discover, quite late, electronic music, a kind who deeply influenced me, that’s why I began to produce two years ago.

When you began to produce, what was your product like?

Honestly, the first tracks were kind of bad; a mix between robotic and trash sounds… I was only a kid that didn’t know what he was doing, moreover I was hanging out everytime and the club didn’t help with all the electrotrash tracks back in 2007/2008.

How did you break away from those early influences to do your own thing?

At the beginning, I experienced the music I created and over time, by learning the techniques of composition, I managed to get what I really wanted. Now I am able to reproduce exactly what’s in my head.  There is also the fact that I have matured musically, which is normal, we all started doing some shit and then start producing stuff that’s listenable.

How do you feel about the internet-based music industry?

It’s really good because through it, internet labels are no longer as important as before, now we can release a song without having to change it because it does not fit exactly the needs of a label. One can really get what you want, and it can really let their creativity run free.  It also allows unsigned guys make themselves known. But that does not mean that labels are bad. 

What should we expect in the future?  Are you working on any projects lengthier than just a single?

For now, I’ll make more songs as possible on my solo project and my group project, Steiner.  Then I would see how it goes for me; if I try to make some official release or if I do not feel ready yet.

Recently you featured vocalists, can we expect more of that? 

Absolutely, I love to work with vocalist. I have been working on two tracks and decided to do my first EP.  I can already say that Stella Le Page will sing on one of the tracks.

Will you’re EP have a theme beyond your aesthetic? 

This ep, I think, will define me well, because it advances two facets of my way of composing. The first piece, I always worked it in the middle of the night because it evokes me this moment when you do not any more try to make something very precise musically, the moment when you make some music unguardedly, by being honest with yourself and without trying to please the others. And the second advances the enthusiasm which I have to work with the other artists, this piece I do not have it make for me but for Stella contrary for the first piece which is very personal. It was important for me that this ep contains this contradiction in my way of composing.


One response to “Clement Roussel (From Home)

  1. I’d love to hear more on his opinion of internet labels. he seems to have a unique perspective on them. laid back tune as well.

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