Mixtapes by Stumbleine   (October 18, 2011) *

Remember the music video for “Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa” ? Admit it, you cried. What about when “Your Hand in Mine” started playing at the just the right moment in Friday Night Lights? Ditto, of course.  Now, I’m not saying Stumbeline has produced anything to rival those sorts of perfect musical moments. But they will.  Consider their musical trajectory thus far; what started out as better-than-average shoegazy chillwave quickly morphed into something both bigger and more accessable (see: Ember, off the Rose Tinted EP). Emotions were beginning to come into play. Big things were brewing.

Their latest release, Mixtapes, changes the game entirely. Taking pages out of Godspeed’s book, the band deployed two mammoth 20 minute songs, complete with voice-sampling, effortless genre switching and moments of serious beauty. The album ends with a few minutes of Radiohead (Not sampled, just played – understandable, since taking a knife to this particular song would amount to high treason) and it is indeed a fitting ending.



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