Rocket (Best New Music)

Rocket by Cloud   (Septemer 20, 2011) *

Rocket by Cloud is nothing short of artistic brilliance.  Containing the best elements from the golden era of rock and modern indie greatness, it never skimps on the hooks and certainly isn’t afraid to jam.  They’ve got the heart and soul of Arcade Fire and the fortitude of Built to Spill.   Everything about this record is melodically powerful.  Expect nothing less than brilliance.  Produced by Cole Verderber and featuring a deep, deep assortment of obviously very talented musicians and song-writers, it’s so close to flawless that I’m going to call it flawless.



One response to “Rocket (Best New Music)

  1. it is definitely good. maybe not my exact cup of tea, perhaps as I never really liked the arcade fire even with all the heart and soul they surely had. I’d say I like it a lot though, if only for the myriad memories these songs seem to be pulling from me.

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