Syndens mjöl

Syndens mjöl by devi döljer   (April 25, 2011) *

I’m not quite sure what periferin means, especially as a tag, but it’s a damn shame that this is the only band with it.  Sometimes we say this is post-whatever.  In our gut what we mean is it’s been digested.  Syndens mjöl is the most supreme example of that exact digestion.  Feeling 100% alien, but born of human decent, the sounds heard on this record are, at times, hardly recognizable and at other times, the most melodically addictive substance on this Earth.

Big Boss


2 responses to “Syndens mjöl

  1. PERIFERIN is a netlabel!

  2. Periferin:

    click “shop/download” to get more albums. I think everything i is for free.

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