Sephora presents Sensorium

Dingus is the official music provider for The Sensorium™, a ground-breaking multi-sensory pop-up, open for limited engagement in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.   The event, sponsored by Sephora, will be the first-of-its-kind to be open to the public.  Created to showcase and explore the primal emotion of fragrance through dynamic interactive experiences and multi-media presentations, guests will be invited to connect with scent in new and exciting ways.  Open until November 27th, the event will be seen by over 10,000 consumers and all the major heads of the beauty and fragrance industry.   In addition, VIP celebrity clients from both the Film and Music industry are already scheduled for private tours.  Some of the music that will be featured at the event includes:  ‘Diggers’ by Dylan Campbell,  ‘Break Me’ by Babe Youth,  ‘The Sun Always Shines (Hooded Claw Mix)’ by Paul Cook & The Chronicles.



One response to “Sephora presents Sensorium

  1. Do you have a full list of the songs featured…they were all perfect, but I can’t get one song out of my head; it was in the 4th space where the fragrances were split up by mood, with video and headphones. It was the first setup to the right with a chorus of ‘i can see the sun’. What song is it????? Thanks!

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