808s and Gang Rape

808s and Gang Rape by Dirty Pharmeceuticals   (April 18, 2011)

Audio project, Dirty Pharmeceuticals surly aims to offend, but more importantly, aims to capture the fluid muck of the human race and put it on album.  We, at Dingus, wanted to be able to analyze this project from the start, so we’ll go back to the first release, dated this past April.  Beginning with a particularly vile porn (I hope) sample, 808s and Gang Rape looks to prove its content can hold a candle to its title, succeeds, and then moves on to show the more progressive understanding of production that we’ve come to know in the present.  And yes, it was the shock value of an EP with a half emerged fetus as the cover that originally made me listen, but it also made me set the barometer of expectations high. While looking to dismiss as silly, I found the exact opposite true.

Big Boss


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