Babe Youth (From Home)

Montréal based Babe Youth talks on being a traditional band that plays electronica, the advantages and the special sauce:

Dingus: What defines your music?  How does the entire band adapt to a genre that is usually done on a computer?

BY: We start on computers and adapt for the live shows. Technology covers the flaws our mediocre human minds can’t cloak. Dehumanizing? Absolutely.That being said, we are all experienced musicians.

Is it a handicap or a leg up to have so many musicians working on the project?

Handicap? No fucking way, this is a producer based project, we make a living out of channeling individual talent to a group effort.  You always want to reach that point where the whole is holier than the parts. The more talent you have, the more of this happens. We basically keep making sure we are serving the songs and not ourselves.  “Geniuses hide in walls and some people are lucky enough to be there slaves” An old arabic adage…I think…..

What kind of equipment do you guys use in the studio vs your live performance?

We use the same equipment: bass, drums, guitars and computers.

More specifically?

Logic pro, Live, Tork uses all sorts of soft synths that I never heard of and run’s Them trough some obscure hardware that he really likes.  Frank Garrett uses a prophet and lots and of LIVE soft synths. I just use logic synths and my precision bass. Same for Matai, he also has an amazing vintage tele that he used for the guitar hook in ‘Break Me’. V just sounds good trough any mic and then we have P-Man that runs our shit through some Ampex Hardware and a Shadow Hill compressors.  Hope he won’t kill me for sharing his special sauce but that’s just half the ingredients.

So whats the plan for the future of Babe Youth?

More tracks, more shows…more tracks…crazy tracks.


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