Spaces (From Home)

Franco Colon of Spaces discusses growing up near Cape Canaveral and the move to NYC:

Dingus: Whats the band line up and how did you guys come together?

Colon: The band was originally just Duke and I (Franco). We were friends in Florida and reconnected here in Brooklyn. Recently we added our good friends (also from Florida), Nathan, Jake and Ian. They joined us so that we could play live, but we have started writing new material with them as well.

Where in Florida are you guys from and how did it influence your music?

Mostly from Central Florida on the East coast. Interestingly enough, most of us grew up close enough to Cape Canaveral that we could see shuttles and rockets launch into space from our backyards. Our music is definitely inspired from that awe and wonder of space exploration. We also take a lot from artists that have changed the way we look at music, such as Pink Floyd and Philip Glass.

What made you come to NYC?

Duke and I both moved here after graduating college. He moved a year or two after I did. I went to school for audio engineering so I wanted to come here and work in a recording studio. My plans have changed but I still have fun recording all the Spaces stuff.

Where do you hope to see Spaces in the near future?

Spaces was always just a fun music outlet for Duke and I but it has definitely grown into much more with new members and our first live shows. I’d love to see more music recorded with physical releases that are unique and interesting enough that listeners want to own them. I’d also love to expand what’s possible for us and our live show, and then take that on the road as far as we can.


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