Pile (From Home)

A conversation with Rick Maguire, frontman of Boston based rock band, Pile.

Dingus: Who is Pile? If you had to classify yourself how would you?

Maguire: Pile is currently Matt Connery on the bass, Kris Kuss on drums and yours truly on guitar and vocals. I usually classify us as a loud rock ‘n roll band from Boston.

Whats the music scene like up there? What genres are big in the underground?

I don’t know really know what it’s like to be honest. I kind of dip in and out of it and it always seems to be in flux, so I only slightly know what’s going on. From what I’m exposed to, though, there never seems to be a shortage of indie, noise and weirdo-type music.

One of our writers will be seeing you perform tomorrow, what can we expect from a live Pile performance?

Gear malfunctions and shitloads of strobe lights.

Personally, who are your three biggest musical influences and how have they affected Pile?

Ehh, it’s kind of hard to say. Those three change everyday. It’s mostly about context, one day the Everly Brothers could be the best thing I’ve ever heard and the next day it could be Doomriders. It depends on all the other shit that’s taking place. In addition, sometimes it’s more than just musicality; like Fugazi is a band that appeared to operate very strictly on their own terms, and on some days that’s what’s important to me.


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