Linden Place EP (Best New Music)

Linden Place EP by Mars Argo   (March 20, 2011) *

Here at Dingus, we’ve been playing catch-up trying frantically to get to know Chicago based musicians and all around performance artists Mars Argo and Titanic Sinclair.  The two collaborate on a band named after the former, they shoot a youtube channel that is actually funny and maintain internet personalities that distribute themselves in a consumable yet pseudo-anti-everything manner.

Linden Place is, in fact, a Mars Argo I was not expecting.  While Technology is a Dead Bird plays like the somber tracks off Ok Computer, Linden Place kicks in like the Beatles in their rock-and-roll prime (with strange Blur influences in my opinion).  They couldn’t feel more different while still obviously coming from the same group.  Jarring at times, it invokes a more defiant sense of action in opposition to the give-up attitude of its predecessor.  All in all, Linden Place is a superior album, a growth spurt of sorts that is, hopefully, only a step in a long progressive career.



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