Riposte (Best New Music)

Riposte by Buke and Gass   (September 17, 2010)

The first time I heard Buke and Gass I was wasted, stumbling around someones backyard in Brooklyn.  Up on the stage, two musicians prepped an odd set carrying guitars and foot-based percussion.  “I’ve seen this before” I thought to myself, “Let’s hear this train wreck”.  And I couldn’t have been more right/wrong. Unlike the train wreck I had in mind, Buke and Gass instantly became one of my favorite acts to follow.  Unknowingly charming with their constant agressive metamorphosis, they burrowed a hole in my heart.  On the other hand, very much like shooting a train wreck in beautiful cinematic quality, Riposte smashes mismatched parts together creating blissful harmony between otherwise cataclysmic riffs.  It’s this ability (to turn a mess into a symphony) that sets Buke and Gass apart from the crowd.



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