2.0 (Best New Music)

2.0 by Orxata Sound System   (February 28, 2011)

Google butchers this one on the translation, so again I’m left totally clueless.  All I know is it sounds good.  Damn good.  Orxata Sound System (an awesome name for an act like this) takes some of the most overly used sounds in the genre and breathes new life into them with real zeal.  Is it just me or do you feel like the sound has been tamed? In one way, it’s lost its ability to drive a coke binge for hours on end, but in another it’s become more structured, more innovative in the composition.  With an intense club sound, we’ve been presented with a progressively tempered record.  It’s neither the full band dynamic at play nor the creative genius alone that makes this album work.  2.0 a steady combination of both.

Big Boss


One response to “2.0 (Best New Music)

  1. this is sick

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