Summer Moments EP

Summer Moments EP by Great Skies   (July 30, 2011)

I cannot tell a lie.  Todays electronica (or what one might call ‘chillwave’) is all very much the same.  Textures with beats and a lead; some clever editing and let’s call it a day.  If that were our only criteria for ‘good’ we’d be posting 15 electronica albums every day.  Summer Moments by Great Skies goes above and beyond. Creating a pop-like buzz that sticks in your head with the chillwave conventions, you might find yourself making up your own words and singing along. The album certainly comes off with a cookie cutter vibe at first, but this writer begs you: please at least make it through ‘Festival’ (when Great Skies really clears the clouds, showing greater understanding of timbre and placement).  From the netlabel Cut, who’s website holds more wonders.

Big Boss


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