Prelude by Botaz   (July 25, 2011)

Solidus would suggest that this is a failed piece of minimalism; that the layering is too static.  But I disagree, I think that the strength to resist being ‘artistic’ and provide a track that focuses purely on creating an energy deserves just as much praise.  Prelude by Botaz is an album that makes you feel nostalgic for the moment you’re in (if that’s possible).  It’s the kind of music that puts you right to work as you, like the music, becomes mechanically oriented.  The suspense set by the first 90 seconds bring you in softly and then, as if to bud in slow motion, unfolds itself.  Within the fabric there seem to be hidden melodies, tracks set to such a low volume that you need to squint your ears to hear them.  Devote your attention.

Big Boss


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