The Boy Besides (From Home)

A conversation with Akis Spyridakis (The Boy Besides) from Athens:

Big Boss: Do you think you could start by giving us a basic history of The Boy Besides?

I am a 27 years-old graphic designer based in Athens, Greece.  I never ever thought of creating music before till the time I started to listening anything that came out from Bristol, UK scene. And I’m not speaking for Massive Attack and Portishead. I was suprised by the sound of Third Eye Foundation, Flying Saucer Attack and Manyfingers and starting experimenting with sounds and samples. My first actually project that I’m working on is an album with voice samples by Greek poets or a least thats what i got in my head. We’ll see what will happen with that.

The Boy Besides is just you as a producer, correct?  How does that translate to a live performance?

Well, the best thing would be a live performance including me on the mixing with an orchestra and a video projection in front of us. I really like to combine arts together as music and visuals. I believe that it’s the best way to pass your message to the audience.

Are you a visual artist as well? Do you work with any in particular?

No, but because of my original occupation, I believe in the power of the picture and whatever it represents. I want the people to feel with my music and also be able to see the world with my own eyes. I want the live performance of my work -if that ever happens- to be a celebration of a range of arts. music, visuals, lights etc.

What was your original occupation?  How does it affect you music?

I studied graphic design and I’m still working as a graphic designer. Design is for paper what notes are for music. If I could embody some music into a poster, everything would be ok and I would feel complete. since that cannot happen I have to exchange the paper with some tunes. I design and I create music. Somewhere between those two is where I can find some inner peace.


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