Code Pie (From Home)

A conversation with Enzo Palermo of Montreal based band Code Pie:

Dingus: Who are the members of Code Pie?  How did you meet?

Palermo: Code Pie is Salvatore Ciolfi, Rebecca Lessard, Enzo Palermo, Michel Semienchuck, Vince Varano & Eva Boodman.

I met Sal through an internet ad.  We thought our demos would work well together so we kind of fused these poppy electronic ditties with guitar ambiance. This somehow appealed to some musician friends and friends-of-friends, shaping out the rest of the line-up about 7 years ago.

Over the last seven years how many albums have you guys worked on together?

We’ve self-released 3 albums.  This Habit in 2005, The Most Trusted Name in Yous in 2007, and Love Meets Rage this past April.

What has you experience been with recording?

Above all, we like keeping it fresh. It’s hard to say if we’re ever in our element because we’re always changing things up. Do we do digital or tape? Layered or live? Thought-out or casual?

Technically, we tend to be very hands-on in the mixing & mastering phase, so that tends to drag things out further for us and can lead to some frustration.

Have you ever come into the recording process without your songs fully developed and let things play out?  Which album was you roughest recording?

We’ll sometimes complete a song in the midst of recording it or meld some sections together as we listen back.  As far as rough recording is concerned, for the last 2 records, we had these self imposed restrictions which can sometimes be difficult.m  On ‘Yous’, we purposely limited the amount of overdubs and wanted the song to sound as raw and live as possible. The nakedness of it all was sometimes scary to stomach.On the latest, we toyed with the theme of the “middle” and avoiding it.  We tried going as far left or as far right as possible, be it in the song structures or the mixes. I don’t think the outcome is all that drastic, but that approach did give the record that broad range


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