Bear Hair

Bear Hair by The Island of Misfit Toys   (June 28, 2011)

This band blows my mind. Apparently they have an even better live show, and you can check those vids out of facebook. Just judging from studio stuff though, I’m damned impressed.  It’s catchier than most catchy Emo-pop-punk I used to listen to. And yet, with life-affirming crescendoes not unlike something out of Titus’s The Monitor. Oh, and there’s horns. Then, just to fuck with us, everybody switches instruments. I know, the whole collective shtick is a bit played out. But these guys have some serious passion, and the music is  honestly different from anything I’ve heard. Just listen to the first track, “Beginnings of a Beard,” and tell me you’re not hooked? They made spoken word sound not-shitty!! That’s enough for me.



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