Basic Printer (From Home)

A conversation with Binghamton electronic artist Jesse Gillenwalters of Basic Printer:

Dingus: Where does Basic Printer begin vs. you as a musician?

Gillenwalters:  I get behind ‘the mask’ so to speak when I really have an idea I’m really proud of, or when I want to say something I wouldn’t necessarily say in person, or preach in conversation. It’s essentially my more bold, experimental musical outlet. It’s me trying to break ground for myself with each track.

Do you feel that a sort of split personality exists?  Basic Printer is a megaphone and a mask at the same time?

Yes, especially because a lot of what I say as Basic Printer is really feeble and scared. It’s a way for me to live out both my weaknesses and my strengths, sort of extremes. Whether it’s me admitting a lack of self confidence, or making something really buzzy and loud that might be unexpected of my character, as long it’s being created as music, and behind the mask, I feel more confident about it.

That’s pretty honest of you. What’s the next step for the Printer?

Right now it’s all about no boundaries. On Abstract Trust I tried consciously to use a formula. My next batch of tunes are off the wall, some rap collabs, namely. I can see this next album shaping up to be a grab bag of weird stuff. This time I’m just making music without thinking…it’s therapeutic.

What’s it like working in hip hop?

Well I’ve had hip hop tendencies, (namely the track Poor Ian, and really Robot With Wit,) I mean when you’re involved with drum machines and synths you start to get a feel for it. I like to make more naive sounding beats, things that sound nauseas and childish. Robot With Wit is, again, a great example. I just hope the rappers I work with are able to flow with something more unconventional.


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