Hooves (From Home)

A conversation with Dan Kolpin of New York based band Hooves:

Dingus: In Hooves and Anna Bradley, what musical responsibilities do you have?  Well to be honest, I’m aware you play drums in AB, but it seems you do more in Hooves?

Kolpin:  I feel like there is a lot more responsibility in Hooves than in Anna Bradley. When playing in Anna Bradley, I’m a member of the crew on a ship. With Hooves, I am the captain. Anna Bradley allows me to alter and give a new feel to an already existing song, but with Hooves I am given an open canvas and have complete control over what I put into a song and what I take away. Both have their pros and cons, but there I am definitely carrying more weight with Hooves and I love having that balance between the two projects.

Would it be fair to assume, given the two man size of Hooves, that it’s more of a studio project than a live band?

Hooves is actually 3 people; Ken Herman on guitar, Evan Gonzalez on bass, and myself doing vocals, synth, and percussion. Surprisingly, Hooves has grown to be a very compatible live band. The live set up we have is a bit unorthodox because it’s a weird mix between electronic loops and live instruments, but it’s worked to create an awesome vibe at the recent live shows we’ve played.

Hooves was initially going to be just a solo project, with a handful of guest musicians that only did studio releases. It grew into a band once I developed a way to write and play songs live, and  once I had other musicians give a large contribution to the sound. It will always be changing too; the lineup could one day include of a drummer, or a cellist, or both. It’s really a matter of how I work with certain musicians and what direction I’m going for next.

Who does most of the song writing in the group?

I do the majority of songwriting in the group. Everything on our debut EP was written by me. Airglow was the only one that I cowrote, which both Ken and I wrote after reworking a song he originally wrote for his solo work. I think as the band grows though there will be a lot more collaboration between the three of us when it comes to the songwriting.

Does Hooves ever influence your Anna Bradley role?

It’s been happening more than ever actually. Since we released Minimus, Kabir and I have worked a lot more together on songwriting as opposed to him bringing everything to the table. With Anna Bradley’s upcoming EP, it’s the first time I recorded backup vocals for the band. We are planning for future AB work to include more of a duel songwriting style, and Kabir may even be featured on a Hooves song or two on our next release.


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