Abdias Ernesto Garcia (From Home)

A conversation with Orlando based musician Abdias Ernesto Garcia:

Dingus: What have been your biggest musical influences growing up and maturing as a guitar player?

Garcia: Musically, I would definitely say Ismael Rivera,Rafael Cortijo,Jose Feliciano,Tito Puente,Ruben Blades,Stevie Wonder and Prince amongst many more.  As far as a the guitar goes, percussion was my first love so I began playing when I was about 3 years old and started learning guitar at 14 to write songs.  So I never really looked at it as being a guitarist but I have been very influenced by the guitar styles found in folkloric music from Puerto Rico, Peru,Spain,Portugal,Brazil,Jamaica and Afrocentric Music.

How well are all these Spanish and Hispanic influences received in Orlando?  What’s the music scene like there?

It’s evolving slowly, there is a growing hispanic community in Orlando and I’m glad to be a part of the emerging scene of alternative latin artists who can share their culture through music. My fanbase is actually very diverse in terms of backgrounds.

How long have you been recording for?  What is Tacatantan Records?

I’ve been recording now for about 6 years. Tacatantan Records was a label I started when I released my first album “El Experimento De La Vida” in 2009 and has become a home for the artists I’m currently producing.

So this seems all to be very DIY.  Do you have any large scale hopes and dreams for Tacatantan?

We are all ambitious but we also understand that this is a process just like life. I make no distinction between my art and my life, they go hand and hand. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel, play with amazing artists,enjoy unique experiences as a performer and most importantly, provide for my family.  All things considered, I’m just grateful to be doing what I love.


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