TinVulva (From Home)

A conversation with Venessa Rondon, the drummer from Brooklyn trio TinVulva:

Dingus: Are you girls native Brooklynites or, like so many, have you migrated from another part of the country?

Venessa: Both, Kat Wong (bassist) and Sarah Soller (guitarist) are new yorkers- Sarah from queens, Kat from the LES.  I’m originally from Venezuela but my parents moved to Miami, FL when I was 7 and I moved to Brooklyn 3 years ago.

Do you feel that NYC has lived up to the city of promise that it’s made out to be?

I have a love hate relationship with New York City. It’s rough out here. Makes you tough but at the same time it makes you creative. At least I can say that for myself. It’s what is said to be and what you find out when you get here. Cold and bitter but I’ve never felt so alive.

What’s the history of TinVulva?  When did the band form and what have you been up to since?

Tinvulva started in Kat’s basement. Kat and I worked together and the more we got to know each other we realized we had similar taste in music and that we both played instruments. On a faithful night in the summer of 2010 we had a magical jam and decided to form Tinvulva. We wrote some songs and after moths of practicing and writing we searched for our final element- Sarah. Sarah joined us in the beginning of February and ever since then we’ve been playing shows in Brooklyn and Manhhattan.

To date, what’s been your favorite show?

My personal favorite was our House of Yes show. The sound was amazing! We are really loud and play with a lot of energy and that show I feel portrayed our live energy best. The sound dude is amazing! I love Compton!


One response to “TinVulva (From Home)

  1. bueno asi se logran las cosas luchando,sigan siempre adelante. no bajen la guardia, suerte

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