Just Chill

So you posted your music on bandcamp, good.  So your charging money for it? BAD, and here’s why.  I think I can speak for the majority of the consumer market when I say “I’m poor!”.  Free distribution is the life force behind the growing Bedroom Artists scene because let’s face it, you’re one in a million.  You may be the best in that 1/1,000,000 but in the end that’s subjective, isn’t it?  So you have two choices:  You can let me have your music for free, earning my eternal respect and gaining a fan who will one day pay to see you live or you can charge me money, in which case I wont buy it, wont become a fan, and wont show up to your live show.  Not because I want it that way (truly I’d love to pay you all for your hardwork) but because I gotta eat and pay rent.  The money will come, so just chill.

PS:  charging for an MP3 is like charging for a deskjet printed copy of the Mona Lisa.


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