Galloping Horse Crayon/the midE.P.

This week was a great week for bandcamp releases (the primary platform that the majority of bedroom artists use).  We saw the Nelsonvillains early and finished off the streak today with the new Dylan Campbell + Christine Spilka EP Dry Season.  Easily one of the most compelling releases we at Dingus have seen in 2011, it wouldn’t be fair to leave out the early guitar and midi work of Dylan Campbell prior to joining forces with Christine.

‘Galloping Horse Crayon’ seems familiar territory if the Dry Season EP was your first introduction to this musician, but it’s the midE.P. that is the leap.  Like Sufjan fusing electronica in the Age of Adz and other earlier work, the songwriting is still the same, but the aesthetic is fresh.  However, the most important thing about these tunes is how joyful they really are prior to the more somber reflection that is his work with Christine Spilka.

Now, I feel as though I am rambling.  Listen and decide for yourself.  (Try and ignore the rap that’s somewhere in there which is clearly the only amateur moment)


One response to “Galloping Horse Crayon/the midE.P.

  1. I wouldn’t expect someone such as yourself to understand or fully comprehend Grillko nor appreciate his lyrical stylings.

    In short: you probably just couldn’t hear his verse over “the swell of [his] penis”

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